Poparuba Variety Pack, 5 Flavors

Poparuba Variety Pack, 5 Flavors


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A 4 pack of each of our 5 flavors with a bonus box of Lemon to make it a six pack. At Poparuba we recreate foods typically vilified by carbs and sugar so that the original "sinful" versions are transformed into equally-delicious new creations that boast stunningly comprehensive nutritional benefits befitting even the most piously restrictive foodie. Our Keto friendly Cake Bites are not only certified GLUTEN-FREE and completely GRAIN-FREE, they are also extremely low carb 2-4g*, low calorie 50-70*, low glycemic and almost completely untouched by sugar 2-4 g*.

Our revolutionary recipe harnesses the power of NON-GMO ’Superfood’ ingredients like garbanzo beans, almond milk, organic coconut and almond flours, safflower oil, pumpkin and dark cocoa. And since we wouldn’t dream of adding sugar, our products are sweetened with Xylitol from North American birch trees making them big on flavor, yet safe for diabetics and persons with gluten allergies to indulge.

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