Poparuba Cake Bites<br>Raspberry<br>6 (2.4 oz) Boxes

Poparuba Cake Bites
6 (2.4 oz) Boxes


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You don’t need Valentine's Day to justify berries and dark chocolate. Our Raspberry Cake Bite combines the decadence of the perfect chocolate cake with the succulence of fragrant red raspberries and cream. We make our too-good-to-be-true chocolate cake with Garbanzo Beans, Organic Coconut and Almond Flours, Pumpkin and sweetened with Birch Tree Xylitol instead of sugar. Then we marry our signature neufchâtel frosting with red raspberries to make the perfect raspberry-cream to fill this Cake Bite before we dip the whole thing in dark-chocolate. You’ll completely forget that this rendition of raspberries & cream teamed up with classic dark chocolate cake is entirely free of gluten and devoid of almost all of the carbs and sugar you would find elsewhere. We can’t say it enough, have your cake and eat, it too…. no matter the occasion. Visit Our Website.

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