Hooks 10 Year Cheddar, 1 lb

Hooks 10 Year Cheddar, 1 lb


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Julie and Tony Hook, high school sweethearts-turned-cheesemakers, have been producing spectacular cheeses in Wisconsin since for over four decades. This aged, 10 year old cheddar is one of their crowning jewels (the also produce a 5 year old and a 12 year old, also available). Unlike your typical processed supermarket cheddar, Hook's Cheese Co. 10 Year Old Cheddar is wonderfully natural and full-flavored. Sharp, like any aged cheddar, but still smooth and buttery, with great nutty flavors and a firm, almost crumbly texture that has crunchy calcium crystals. This award-winning cheddar is a favorite amongst the restaurant circuit, managing to please all palates. Bring to room temperature before serving. A strong cheddar should be paired with a similarly strong drink; try an Argentine Malbec or a hearty beer like Guiness.


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