Emmi Kaltbach Gruyere, 5 Oz (Pack of 4)

Emmi Kaltbach Gruyere, 5 Oz (Pack of 4)


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Le Gruy�re AOP is the pride and heritage of Western Switzerland. A raw milk, name protected cheese that has been made the same way, in the same region for over 900 years. Swiss cheesemakers and affineurs carefully handpick a select number of wheels at six months in age continue their refinement in the Kaltbach Caves in the Alpine Valley. The caves are a 20-million-year old natural sandstone labyrinth with a small tranquil river that runs through it which also inspired the name. Kaltbach means �cold river,� and it�s what allows for a constant humidity of 94 percent in the cool, mineral-rich cave air. The porous nature of the sandstone regulates the humidity level and the mineral-rich air imparts a unique flavoring, creating a robust, full-flavored cheese that pushes this cheeses to the ultimate flavor potential.

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