Isomalt (Decomalt) - 15 lb
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Isomalt (Decomalt) - 15 lb

Pack Size 15 lb
Manufacturer Pastry 1
Product Of: France

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Product Description

Grade AA Isomalt, a modified malt sugar. Applications: Used in sugar-free confectionery and sugar work. Relative to sugar work, it has a high resistance to humidity, stays flexible longer, will not crystallize, easily colored and stabilizing acids are not needed. Directions For Use: Basic recipe for pulled sugar; Use 3 parts Decomalt to 1 part water. Cook Decomalt and water in a heavy gauge pot or a copper sugar pot until it reaches hard crack stage. Decomalt Sugar Sheet: Add 1 drop of coloring into dry Decomalt, add more until the desired shade is reached. Line sheet pan with a silicone-baking mat. Sprinkle Decomalt evenly onto mat. Place a second mat over. Bake at 350?F for about 6-7 minutes. Allow to cool, peel off top mat carefully. Break Decomalt sheet into shapes and sizes. For multi-colored effect, sprinkle different colored batches of Decomalt onto the silicone-baking mat. Shelf life: 18 months